Sifu Nguyen 's Qi Gong has added immensely to my overall well-being. I
feel very fortunate to have found such a talented teacher right here in
Winter Park.
As a busy Labor and Employment attorney, my practice requires long hours in the office
or in litigation. My weekly Qi Gong classes are like a "power" trip to the spa. After each
class, I am more relaxed, focused and energized, and this
continues to increase with
each session. For me, Qi Gong practice with Sifu Nguyen is a perfect and efficient way to
boost my productivity and always be
at peak performance for my clients. Sifu Nguyen is a
delightful and skilled instructor, always patient. He brings a lifetime of expertise as a
world-class martial artist and healer to each session. Classes are not only fun and
challenging, but each class teaches something new from Sifu's apparently limitless fund
of knowledge. Qi Gong has added immensely to my overall well-being. I feel very
fortunate to have found such a talented teacher right here in Winter Park.
Jill Schwartz, Attorney at Law

I have been a Diabetic for over 20 years... my doctor was amazed at
my condition
Sifu N. Nguyen's teachings have totally transformed my life by increasing my self
awareness, self confidence, and physical health. One of my greatest goals in life was to
learn Q
igong from a true world class master of the art.  I fantasized about going to China
to train. Sifu Nguyen has made that task completely unnecessary. In fact he has skillfully
and systematically re-educated me on my misconceptions of Asian Martial Arts and set
me on the path of what I consider to
be the truth. Chi cannot be understood by words
alone. You have to feel it You have to experience it by the demonstrations of a true
master. To locate and be able to train with an authentic master is life changing. I have
been a Diabetic for over 20 years and I know what to expect whenever I visit my doctor. I
recently went to see my doctor after a year and a half lapse. Now ever since I started Chi
Gong with Sifu I have clearly seen signs of improving health. However, most of it
centered around improving blood pressure. My doctor was amazed at my condition. She
seen signs of improving circulation and reversal of nerve damage. This is very significant.
She said I had been given a second chance at life. So as far as I am concerned "SIFU
Training with Sifu Nguyen is a great treasure to me. If you are ever " Blessed " with the
opportunity to meet him or better yet learn from him I highly advise that you don't let the
chance pass you by.
Kenneth E. Murray

I am able to stop taking Xanax and Ambien without any problem!.
Randomly wondering into Sifu Nguyen's center was one of the best decisions of my life.
Sifu is a true master of Qi Gong and martial arts, he is patient, honorable and very funny.
Since I started training with him I stopped having severe anxiety and sleeping problems
and I am so happy that I am able to stop taking Xanax and Ambien without any problem!

I am in the best shape of my and I'm a much better person inside and outside.
Sifu's classes are amazing, his martial arts are unparalleled, and his teaching ability is
superb. Thank you Sifu! You have changed my life!
Carlos Valentin

I lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks and felt great. The training was so much fun
and unique...
I am a school bus driver, I have to get up at 5am every day to go to work. After the day
job I physically and mentally for many years, even I have tried to exercise and stay
healthy. Then I met Grandmaster Nguyen, I was amazed with the training results. I lost 8
lbs. in 2 weeks and felt great. The training was so much fun and unique. Even though his
power and skills are incredible, Master Nguyen is always peaceful and gentle in the way
he teaches and the way he talks. He is a great teacher and he cares.  
Cristina Aguirrezabala

I learn more from you in one hour than I had learned in 4 months in
my old temple
I have been training at a different Kung Fu temple for four months, but never felt like I was
getting anywhere. I learn more from you in one hour than I had learned in four months in
my old temple. It is truly a blessing to train under you Sifu Nguyen.
Thank you so much.
Willie Brown

My Mayo Clinic internist tells me that I have the medical indicators
of someone fifteen years younger.
Came to Sifu Nguyen a year after major surgery. I'd always exercised - aerobics, yoga,
and in recent years, Pilates, but after my recovery period I was having difficulty
reestablishing a routine. A friend told me about Sifu Nguyen's Body and Mind Training
Center, and that her doctor had recommended this type of exercise and this particular
trainer. I followed her advice, and I've been training under Sifu for over a year. I find the
mental exercise of learning routines and the ensuing workout to be a terrific combination.
You don't even realize how much you're exercising, as you're concentrating on executing
a challenging series of steps. You're getting a work out, having fun, and time flies. Best of
all my total muscle strength has greatly increased, improving my overall shape and agility.
My Mayo Clinic internist loves the result, and at my recent check up, tells me that I have
the medical indicators of someone fifteen years younger. Master Nguyen is an excellent
teacher- experienced and inspiring. I highly recommend his programs.
Kyle Miller

I've been on every pill possible for 20 years and it doesn't come
close to what Sifu does for me in 60 minutes.
For the past 20 years I have suffered with Bipolar disorder going from doctor to therapist
and being pumped full of God knows how many pills. Constant side effects, ruined
relationships, and losing my job seemed to have become just a way of my life. At age 39
and of course out of work again I have a college degree and finished in the top of my
class I just felt there had to be another way. Yet it was nothing to be up at 3am throwing
up from medication that was supposed to be helping me. One day I came and meet Sifu
Nguyen at his Center. Even though he spent 1 hour with me on the spot, causing him to
be late he asked me to return later that night at 7 pm for another 1 hour session to teach
me more, all without ever asking for a dime. This showed me that he cares and concerns
for me and not just somebody running a business. Even with money really tight I have
gone to have a session every week since. My energy level changes while I'm there and
my outlook on life goes from negative to positive. I am truly grateful God sent him to me
and would recommend anybody with doubts to visit just one time. I've been on every pill
possible for 20 years and it doesn't come close to what Sifu does for me in 60 minutes. I
love you man and truly believe in your teachings. Thank you! Sincerely.
Brian J George

I had to relocate to NJ for work but I am planing to go back to Orlando
and attend Master Sifu Nguyen's weekend retreats once a month
regardless of the long drive.
At the age of 30 I was in a successful job as an actuary. I had everything people told me i
should have, a lucrative job, a beautiful house, a mustang GT convertible. I had
everything except for happiness. I used to drink alcohol 3-4 nights a week. Especially the
weekends. I left NJ and came to Orlando in hopes to change that life style but I found
myself working as a bar back at Bob Marleys and drinking more than I used to.I was
currently enrolled in a different Kung fu institution when my friend told me of the wonders
of Sifu Nguyen. He sounded like every old grand master that graced the screen Sunday
mornings on Kung fu theater. He changed my life. Of my five teachers of martial arts in
my lifetime, Sifu  Nguyen is the most knowledgeable by far. He uses his vast knowledge
of not only martial arts but all things fitness, to hand tailor a specific program suited for
you. I used to not exercise after work due to physical and mental fatigue. I look forward to
going to Sifu's classes at night because no matter how tired I am or how bad I feel or how
dreadful the day may have been, I have ALWAYS left his class feeling the best i ever felt
in that day. The drinking has stopped, although I'll still have a few now and then. If ever I
feel the urge to get back into my old habit a Sifu angel appears on my shoulder and tells
me "Mark, you will not be able to train tomorrow. "Along with the lifestyle improvement
comes the powerful techniques learned. Maybe I should say because of the techniques
learned my life has changed. Breathing techniques have made it much easier to control
my temper when dealing with the 80 high schoolers I have to every day. The physical
techniques are fun and make the martial arts class fly by. Thank you Sifu Nguyen for
being the catalyst and teacher that helped me create a better life.   
Mark Berg

Much better than any type of training that I have tried in the past.
Master Sifu Nguyen's powerful training system has really shown me
great results for both mind and body, much better than any type of training that I have
tried in the past. I am really happy with the way I look and feel now.
Thank you Master Nguyen
Rhonda Stueber

Great teacher.
Grandmaster N. Nguyen is one of the most accomplished martial art master in the world,
beside his incredible skills, he is also a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher.

I highly recommend his school for those who is seeking for the best in fitness and martial
art training
Lloyd Beery

You will feel more alive
Master Sifu  Nguyen is an amazing instructor, he makes the training become easy and
enjoyable. It is a tremendous boost both physically and mentally, you will feel more alive
after a class with him.
Mary Dugan

A remarkable experience of a life time that I will never forget.
...When we walked inside, two students were taking their purple belt test. They were
doing forms and sparring with gear. We were pretty impressed. It looked like the type of
things I've d seen in movies: I had yet learned how to differentiate the differences
between martial arts. I had an opportunity to meet Master Sifu Nguyen, a remarkable
experience of a life time that  I will never forget. I remember being tossed across the room
with ease when he asked me to grab his wrist. He allowed us to play tug of war as the
rope ended on the floor at his feet. He showed us the muscle popping and that really
freaked us out. He did the unbendable arm with all four of us trying to bend it, we
couldn't. He showed the biggest one of us, my friend Silas, (who is also now one of his
students), how to do a powerful water lock. Silas had Sifu leaning back, parallel with the
ground with his arm locked up and to the side, putting incredible pressure on his
shoulder. It was impossible for Sifu Nguyen to get out of this...or so we thought. After
taking a deep breath, Siifu Nguyen came all the way back and ended laying our friend out
on the floor. Our minds were blown.For two weeks sifu allowed us to come and go,
bringing in other friends to experience what we had proudly discovered. Over that period
we were exposed to more techniques and voluntary inundated ourselves with Sifu
Nguyen's philosophy, which we couldn't get enough of. He explained to us the meaning of
his system the application of yin-yang, and introduced us to the seven virtues such as;
Integrity, Humility, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Self control and Benevolence. We were
introduced to hard style, soft style, internal and weapons training. He showed us how
through relaxation, ultimate speed, power, and focus is gained.I was sold. It wasn't long
after that, I became his student for good. It was a very important step in my journey and I
have never since looked back.
Philips Woodcum

A poem for Grandmaster Sifu Nguyen.
You speak loudly with such a soft voice,
such strength to be so gentle
to give Health, Energy and Hope
to those of us in such despair.
I thank you that you choose to give so freely
at this time is so very rare.
Patty Carrigan

humility, respects, self control, benevolence, integrity, loyalty and
I have known Master Nguyen for about 11 years.  For 3 years I was fortunate to spend
much of my time as his student of martial arts which extended to many other aspects of
my life.  He is a man with tremendous morals as he taught me over and over again about
humility, respects, self control, benevolence, integrity, loyalty and honesty.
Marc Volper

You lead by example.
Sifu Nguyen, I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me so much, not just about
martial arts, but about life. I think what I respect most about you is your teaching method.
You lead by example. You are never pushy or demanding. You are always supportive
and manage to bring out the best in me. I can tell that you genuinely care about your
students. As an educator myself, I can only hope to be half as good a teacher as you
someday! Sincerely,
Dave Chesmel

I feel they have a vested personal interest in my well-being.
From my initial interview with Master  Nguyen to my current day training sessions, I have
found his studio to be fun, invigorating, challenging and informative. I feel they have a
vested personal interest in my well-being. Whether its through yoga, martial arts, kick
boxing or relaxation techniques, I am engaged in a challenging workout and learning new
things each time. A big, grateful thank you to Nancy and Master Sifu Nguyen.
Kathy Cooper

I can't imagine studying under any other master
I have been studying under Sifu Nguyen for about three years now  and I can't imagine
studying under any other master, for he is one of the most amazing people let alone
teachers I have ever met.  His knowledge and strength amaze me in every class and it
drives me to try and develop my skills further and further. His teachings are both physical
and mental.  If you are looking to learn the true meaning of martial arts, Grandmaster
Nguyen is the teacher to study under.
Paul Evans

Thank you Sifu Nguyen, your techniques have saved me twice
from serious injuries
Thank you Sifu Nguyen, your techniques have saved me twice from serious injuries when
I fell down on the icy street in Idaho and on the marble floor in Miami. And recently I was
be able to control a larger attacker with only two simple water techniques without harming
him. That is why I rather come to Orlando every other weekend and study from you
instead of finding another school down here in Miami
Marshall Ames

I will continue to owe him gratitude and thanks
A few years ago, my best friend began telling me about a martial arts instructor that he
had met that seemed to fit the fantasy of all young children when they think of a martial
arts master. He described someone of amazing ability that often did things that seemed
beyond belief. Later, my best friend began training with him and I quickly followed. While
Sifu Grandmaster Nguyen's ability surely lived up to that ideal, and even surpassed it, his
skill quickly became one of the many amazing things about him. After meeting Sifu
Nguyen, it was no longer about what he could do, but who he was and the life he lives. I
no longer came just to learn to fight but to learn how to live a better and fuller life. I've
allowed myself to get distracted by college work at times, but each distraction has only
taught me more of what a special person Sifu is. A Sifu is someone who guides you in
life, and someone you will always be indebted to because of the valuable lessons he can
teach you. I will always owe Sifu for guiding me to where I am in life, and I will continue to
owe him gratitude and thanks for the life I have yet to lead.
John D'Angelo
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