Testimonials from medical doctors, fitness
trainers, yoga instructors and so on.

                 Sifu N. Nguyen, learning from you has been a surprising and amazing
                 experience. Since my surgery and a minor car accident happened many
                 years ago, I have suffered pain and the limitation mobility in my right arm,
                  I could not raise my hand above my head. I was also out of shape, tired
                 and depressed all the time due to the physical and mental stress. After a
                 few weeks training with you, the pain has gone totally and I can move
freely. I can even practice many advanced techniques that you taught me. I have
improved my health and my total well being. I lost weight and feel physically, mentally
better and stronger than ever. I also enjoy the compliments from my patients about my
new physical appearance and energy. Stress does not bother me anymore, everyday
I feel happy, peaceful and energetic. All of these great things happened to me
because of your unique programs and your selfless efforts. As a medical doctor, I am
really impressed with your teaching of holistic health and fitness. The day that you
helped my niece Jenifer get rid of her pounding headache in just a couple minutes
with internal energy, I was stunned. I have never seen anything like that before. Sifu
Nguyen, you are an excellent, talented and caring teacher, I feel very fortunate to
have found you. I hope that I can train with you for a very long time. A million thanks
with respect and gratitude.
Zulima Nicoloff MD- Cardiologist
Cardiologist, Board Certified Nuclear Cardiology, Orlando, Fl

                 Grandmaster Sifu N. Nguyen is truly a genius! His Holistic Mind and Body
                  Improvement and Martial Art training are absolutely amazing. My
                  physical condition has improved far more than I can imagine. The
                  training really help me greatly in my other hobbies such as horseback
                  riding, tennis, touch football, etc.  As a surgeon physician, I strongly
                  recommend that my patients should come and see Master Sifu Nguyen
                  before and after surgery.    
Levine Leonard MD PA - Surgeon Physician, Orlando, Fl

                  Master N. Nguyen, I am writing this to thank you for the training that you
                  have given me over the past few months. I look forward to a long
                  relationship of learning from you. Your invaluable teaching of the
                  harmony of the mind with the body has added a new dimension to my
                  physical fitness training. I am starting to sense and feel the inner energy
                  that you taught me. Your stress reduction techniques are certainly
                  helpful in my stressful practice. Sifu Nguyen, thank you again for your
                  patience and direction. Very sincerely,   
Dr. Samuel  P. Martin, M D PA - Surgeon Physician, Orlando, Fl

Testimonials from health & fitness pros

                   I am a soccer coach, school teacher, and certified personal trainer. I   
                   teach people how to get in shape in conventional ways which you can
                   find in any gym. What I have learned and achieved from being a
                   student of Grandmaster  Nguyen is way beyond health and fitness. It is
                   something that I will never  achieve with  machines or free weights and
                   conventional methods.  For example; bone conditioning, body and mind
                   empowerment and the internal chi power that make me  much stronger
and faster, just to name a few. And then, of course, is the martial art prowess that I
have developed. Master Nguyen is an amazing teacher who cares about his students.
I absolutely recommend him for whoever is looking for the best training in health,
fitness and martial arts.
Dave Chesmel  (Personal Trainer / Coach)

                  Training with Sifu N. Nguyen has been a unique experience.  I started
                   training four years ago to get fit and to lose expanded my goals to
                   learn more "soft martial arts".  I have been able to use what I have
                   learned not only to stay in shape and increase my energy but to also
                   broaden my yoga  teaching skills.  Training with Sifu is not only fun but
                   a great learning experience that produces results.  Sifu Nguyen is a
                   master level teacher who willing and able to connect with all fitness and
                   skill levels.
Nancy Sinton (Yoga Instructor)

                  I found master N. Nguyen to be a man of great discipline and knowledge,
                  instruction, advice and expertise of Master Nguyen. I continue to enjoy
                  the benefit of greater physical conditioning as a result of knowledge and
                  practice gained by having been a student of Master Nguyen.  
                  Robert Metcalf (Former Olympian)       
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